marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Witch Hat Atelier

Witch Hat Atelier by Kamome Shirahama -- volumes 2 and 3.

Spoilers ahead for 1. And even for 2 in 3's review.

Volume 2 opens with the apprentices still in the maze trap with the dragon from the cliffhanger. They improvise. A lot. And back at atelier, they have a magically cooked meal, Coco meets the other witch who lives there -- Olruggio -- since it is the law that an isolated location needs at least two full-fledged witches, Master Qifrey explains he hates water, and they deal with an accident.

Volume 3 opens with another cliff-hanger, where Qifrey has to persuade the Knight Moralis to not wipe her memory, deals with a strange ink-bottle, has Qifrey commit an act that definitely shows great ruthlessness and hints at the motive for his interest the clue Coco can give, has Coco fall ill and help a boy with a problem, and more.
Tags: fiction reviews: children's fantasy, graphic novel/manga

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