marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

what shall we do with a crowd of villains?

Well, not a crowd.  Four.

But they are, indeed, all villains and not just a villain and flunkies.  Two of them are working together, sort of, but their purposes are enough crossed that both of them can not triumph at once.  All the other matches are 

SO -- do I sic some of them on each other?  That would eliminate them without our heroes getting the chance to do so, making for odd story twists that may decrease the drama. 

One is particularly troublesome because she's the one in power.  I may have to -- hmmm -- have her try to stop them from stopping the ones that are plotting.

But the others may find their plot erupting in their face in a way that could complicate the heroes' life enough even if it does kill them.
Tags: always evil, conflict, heroes and villains, motives and purposes, orchestrating characters, story structure

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