marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

ah, incidents

A character starts to cook something in a scene where they are regrouping, and given her noble birth, someone will jest that she was taught for fear she would have to run away from home and get a job in a scullery, like a fairy tale princess.

She will explain no, it's a family tradition from the days when her great-grandmother, still a little girl, was the only person not struck down by a disease, and had to feed the entire family with wretched cooking skills.  Therefore, everyone in the family has to know how to cook.

Which is actually a family story from the days of the Spanish influenza.  (My grandmother, actually, and she knew how to cook oatmeal and nothing else.)  But I don't think I would have thought to throw it in, in other days.
Tags: fairy tales in stories, families: other, fictional history, world-building: food

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