marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

purpose, paladin, paralysis -- panic?

I have a character. I know something of what she does -- for one thing, she becomes a paladin -- but why?

I know something of her background. It's the sort that suggests paralysis out of fear that anything you do can cause disaster. Something about an empress keeping you around so as to stymie conspiracy -- being the only other rightful heir does limit their ability to suggest someone else.

Panic? She is frightened by something that happens early in the story, because it was the very thing that drove her into the empress's hands. But that won't last long, especially since she will remove herself and quickly realize that the threat is no longer to her.

Perhaps someone else near her will panic? She will not, of course, be allowed to stay alone in the city, and even servants would be inadequate -- or perhaps they are adequate, and the problem. (And therefore the solution, since I need to get her OUT of the city.)

Tags: backstory, conflict, motives and purposes, orchestrating characters

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