marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the DM vs the writer

One difference between the writer and the DM is that the writer controls reactions. This is vitally important in the arena of level-inappropriate encounters.

Yes, the players may be sane and realize they should run away from a liche. But it is notorious that they often do not. Total Party Kill may be abbreviated to TPK because it's so commonplace in games, but it is a plot device of very precise and limited scope in a novel. Normally, you do it in the prologue and let the actual characters learn of it.

Players may even come up with a wild and wacky solution that you would never have thought of, and which you can't really use in a novel because it's too strange and incongruous, and doesn't fit the rest of the story
Tags: death, motives and purposes, unity of theme, world-building: military matters

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