marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

decisions, decisions

A heroine sees the chapel where she can become a paladin. She runs away.

Timing is important. Not only does this develop character, it also ensures that two other characters will meet her at the dramatic moment when she goes back.

Complication: why does she go back?

She is unquestionably the most high-minded and noble of the characters.  I was thinking she just decided to go back.  Perhaps after reading a book that pricked her conscience.  (She reads a lot.)

Then I remembered that I need her and the others to sneak about in fear after.  Admittedly, her first two companions have good reason to sneak, but she needed a reason to not hide them and act openly herself.  So --- still need a reason.  Or at least, something that could happen to her on the way.
Tags: heroes and villains, motive (source), motives and purposes, story time, subplots

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