marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

firing the Chekhov's gun

So I wrangle out the characters persuading themselves that they shouldn't appeal to the queen. Life is easier when you remember you can make the queen stage a massacre -- retroactively.

But then they need to go somewhere.

So one heroine remembers that they have a magical boat that just magically brought her first two allies to her and then just magically brought them to where they have to go. Not likely they would forgo something like that, would they? All the more in that they really need to move fast.

Kinda handy. Extremely handy when you are fighting this many evil sorceresses. Too handy entirely. . . .

I think she will discover it now needs her guidance and control.
Tags: plot devices, travel, world-building: enchantment, world-building: magic (objects)

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