marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

cast of thousands

Was pondering a woman who will appear only in the denouement, and how she can cover up her anomalous situation.  The thing about secret marriages is that they have to be kept secret, and she's upper-crust enough that it's being a city is not cover enough in itself.

Then, was pondering another woman who's not going to explain her past.  (Since she can't tell them she's a ghost.)  And concluded that the city's going to have to be large.  Large enough that it would be reasonable for not everyone in the upper crust to not know each other.  Which is pretty big.

It is the capital of the empress, who is fond of caprice and forcing people to petition her for things that they should not have to petition for -- and granting petitions for things that they should not have petitioned for.  So there's a lot of travel that way, but even with her power, I think it's going to have be at least clockpunk and probably steampunk in tech.  Or magitech equivalents, and probably a mix and match.

Putting dirigibles in the opening scenes.
Tags: genre: steampunk, travel, world-building: social classes, world-building: social structure

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