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The first use of firearms on the battlefield was to act as additional protection for pikemen. It took a bit for this to invert and the pikemen be there to protect those shooting the firearms.

Rome prohibited the export of iron weaponry to Germany, apparently believing they lacked iron ore sufficiently that this would hamper them.

The purpose of the CSS Alabama's privateering was to make shipping much more expensive for the Union merchants, so that they would force the government to take ships from blockading the Southern port to track down the privateer (a much more intensive work than its raids), but while they made insurance and shipping costs sky-rocket, and some merchant ships did change their flags to neutral nations, the Union did not remove a single ship from blockade duties.

Iris had no temples in ancient Greece, but Delians offered her cakes, made of wheat, honey and dried figs, and there was apparently some other minor worship.

China used a lot of horses but was not a good horse-breeding region. Even after they started getting them from Korea, Mongols were the biggest source. As tribute -- in return, of course, from gifts from their sovereign. When Ming decline led to the end of this "tribute," Mongols attacked.

Amy Dudley was found with a broken neck at the bottom of a stair -- but with her headdress still in place. It was ruled an accident, but the general opinion was that her husband Robert had killed her in hopes of marrying the queen. The rumors were enough to scuttle the marriage. (More conspiracy minded souls think she was killed in that manner to ensure that scandal.)

Some North American tribes had a satiric dance for times of famine, to warn about the dangers of becoming a wendigo after cannibalism.

Failure to predict an eclipse was grounds in China for a calendar to be scrapped. One emperor staged a competition between Jesuits and Chinese astronomers, and when the Jesuits won, he ordered the adoption of European techniques for the calendar.

By the end of WWII, the Allies could send more aircraft in a raid on Berlin than the Luftwaffe could send aloft.

While Julian the Apostate was almost certainly killed by the enemy, the rumors were rife that he had fallen to an attack by one of his own soldiers -- whether it was viewed favorably depended on the religion of the writer -- and the more fanciful ones spoke of a demon, or an angel.

The first log tables were not log x but log sin x because they were consistently used for astronomy -- and navigation.

The Great Hedge of India was along the Inland Customs Line, between the salt-producing regions and the areas where salt was taxed, and more than 400 miles of it had only the hedge to form an excellent wall.

During the American Civil War, the South's cavalry had problems getting horses. That Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee and Virginia past the Allegheny were the big horse-raising regions compounded it, as two never even try to secede, one split off, and the last was among the first brought under Union control.

Plutarch offered as an example of a symposium question: "Who is the god of the Jews?" By which he meant, from the example given of answers, what Greek god was He to be identified with under the Interpretatio graeca. The first argument was that He was Dionysus.

In 1912, Saskatchewan made it illegal for Chinese to hire white women. So they started to hire women from the local reservations.

Harbors can use two point or one point anchoring for ships. These have their pluses and minuses -- one point has them move more, but two point means they have problems with sideways motion -- but they all have to be the same because they will act together. Only the first ship gets to choose, and a ship that goes away and comes back has to ask even if it's the next day because it could have changed.

Greek temples were built with stone hauled during the off-season for agriculture, to use the draught animals cheaply.

In the Bronze Age, the lack of tin had Scandinavians recreating imported bronze items in flint.
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