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hurriciane hits

I suppose it qualifies as my fifth. Though the outer bands hit us, they were still part of a recognizable eye structure.

Not much rain. We did get some, which was welcome, but I suspect I will water my garden tomorrow. But the wind, the wind, the wind -- even in the morning, when I jaunted out to get the errands run, there were scatterings of branches, still with a dozen leaves or so, scattered about the road with smaller branches and loose leaves. A flock flew over a rooftop except that after some time, the shape became clear, and wrong -- it was loose leaves. (Shortly after, I did see an actual flock, with bird shapes.) Before it got too bad, I looked out and saw my angel statue blown over, and retrieved it for a more sheltered spot as being squashed could not benefit the flowers.

As the day went on, well, from the window I can see a whole row of trees, which were all relentlessly bent and shaken, the leaves all overturned. A shrub was wholly uprooted, visibly from the window, and one bough, about as long as I am tall, was blown along the road, bumping against the curb and making visible motion to rise up over it, but not quite making it, and then the wind shifted and blew it further down.

How it blew! The pavement was dry with the wind still blustery, and at first I sneak out to look at the garden, no farther, and to ensure that a package wasn't delivered. The flowers are blown this way and that. Petunias rolled up like carpets. Some stretches are bare dirt because the wind blew all the loose trim from the pruning away, or even the mulch. Coneflowers looked like the wind had come from the wall, all leaning forward. (South facing wall, south wind blowing directly on it -- I suppose the higher winds were shunted downward, and then outward.) And a statue -- albeit a resin one, and a frog so the wind could get under it -- was blown away so far that I literally could not see it when I looked where it had stood. Many strides away, where the ground sank, I found it tilted on a patch of pinks.

But, being stir-crazy, I walked around the block when the wind sank some. Leaves and branches and full boughs down -- I was thinking that that only one had been uprooted when I saw a second shrub.

And it was nice and cool compared to yesterday. After a tropical storm.
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