marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

inspiration or -- not

Some of the story you can piece together from the original idea.  Or ideas, when they're sticky. 

Still, even when you have a whole slew of ideas, you can charge along through the outline to the point where you know something has to happen here -- you haven't even gotten your hero and heroine to meet, which means their trek across the plains, chased by merciless bomb-throwing anarchists, has a slight problem getting started.

So you thrash around with the world-building and the plot elements and the characters and you think -- I know, they will X!

And you like it.

But do you like it just because it lets you go on?  Or because it's really inspired?  Lots of writing books warn --sagely -- about the bright idea you just had because it's so easy to reach for a cliche, which slides graciously into the place as familiar and well-fitting.

I hate wrestling with these questions.  It's hard to evaluate your own creativity in the throes of it.
Tags: cliches, grumbles, inspiration, outlining

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