marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

everyone's got to do something

Everyone, fortunately, has a strong skill in the story.  A group with characters who can't do anything special is a group that needs to lose a character or two. 

But while you can sometimes get away with a flashy trait that doesn't actually bear on the story, it really helps if it's a plot point, too. 

It does mean I will have to sort out which character is better at climbing walls and which at picking locks -- except, hmmm, one character would logically be best at picking a particular kind of lock, a sort used by wizards and scholars and so crucial at some point.  In particular, he can recognize the dangers.  He will still be slower at picking locks than she is, but sometimes, you have to be slow.

And another character had the ability to conjure pretty illusions.  They could be vital at the right moment.  Actually, they could be vital in two ways -- if they deceived, and if they hid things from sight.

Now I have to decide if she does them at the same time, or different times. . . .
Tags: orchestrating characters, plot devices

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