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thieves and things

Mucking about with Gamelit and thieves. Now, the basic skills of a DnD thief are picking locks (and dealing with trapped locks), climbing walls, picking pockets, sneak attacks, and just sneaking about.

Was pondering backstories.

Now, other classes require training, too, and some fully as specific as a thief's -- a wizard, or a cleric -- but it's a lot easier to see paths from a lot of backgrounds there. Any church might be interested in a pious and gifted child, and a wizard might take on a pupil from a lot of backgrounds (even, out of kindness, an urchin).

There are various backgrounds where you might be taught thief skills. Picking pockets could be learned by an entertainer as a side effect of sleight of hand. A locksmith could pick locks. Sneaking (about and attacks) could be useful as a merchant in a caravan. . . .

But it's hard to see how someone could acquire all the skills from most backgrounds. Street urchin, thief family, other criminals, yes, but that is kind of limiting.
Tags: backstory, role-playing games

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