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A real problem only occurs when there are admittedly disadvantages to all courses that can be pursued. If it is discovered just before a fashionable wedding that the bishop is locked up in the coal-cellar that is not a problem. It is obvious to anyone but an extreme anti-clerical or practical joker that the bishop must be let out of the coal-cellar. But suppose the bishop has been locked up in the wine-cellar, and from the obscure noises, sounds as of song and dance, etc., it is guessed that he has indiscreetly tested the vintages round him; then, indeed, we may properly say that there has arisen a problem; for, upon the one hand, it is awkward to keep the wedding waiting, while, upon the other, any hasty opening of the door might mean an episcopal rush and scenes of the most unforeseen description.

G. K. Chesterton

Tags: conflict, g. k. chesterton, snippets, world-building: festivities

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