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When Darius put down a revolt by a man claiming to be the rightful heir to the last Babylonian king, he broadcast the news that the man had not even been a Babylonian but an Armenian -- a liar, which was the greatest offense possible in the Persian religion.

Income tax was introduced in Britain as a temporary measure, to deal with the cost of the Napoleonic War.

The Samoia were a tribe that gave tribute to Rome in the form of beeswax, but not honey. Roman writers differ on why: some said their bees' honey was poisonous, others, merely bitter.

When Romania was formed after WWI, it contained large chunks of heavily Hungarian and German populations. Though most Romanians were illiterate, Romania was at great effort to force Germans and Hungarians out of the universities, down to forbidding Hungarians to go to universities in Hungary.

In British law, common recovery was a means of getting around an entail involving fictitious parties and false allegation, culminating in the land being transferred and money being paid for a non-existent injury. This has been called "an all-time high in legal hocus-pocus" and "the rankest fictions in the history of the common law."

The Seres (the Chinese) were noted to the Romans not only for silk, but for their fine steel. Believing it (like the Parthina, the second best) to be a consequence of superior natural ore, they made no attempts to duplicate the process.

In 1580, the last observatory in the Islamic world was razed in Istanbul because they believed the plague had been sent in response to its profane poking at the heavens.

Apollo was known as the Oblique One because of his oracles.

The first entails in English law were when a woman's dowry was settled on heirs of her body -- that is, if she died without children, it reverted to her family.

Boss Tweed, after being convicted, escaped. He was recognized and captured in Spain in part because of Nash's famous political cartoons.

The Sogdians, gaining Chinese silver and gold because of their position on the Silk Road, frequently melted it down for their prized metalwork rather than keep it as coinage.

The ministeriales were, in the Holy Roman Empire, people who held rank as nobles, but still were serfs, not free.

High heels originated in the Middle East for their useful in horse-back riding. They were adopted in Europe as a masculine shoe, and first used by women in trend to don masculine attire.

The fine of lands was a process whereby one man sued another for agreeing to sell him land and not following through. In reality, they had agreed to sell, but by suing -- and then settling before it came before the court -- the transfer had the authority of a legal judgment and also was recorded.

At Braunon, the proper sacrifice to Artemis was the clothes of women who had died in childbirth.

Mehmed II of the Ottoman Empire, at the age of fourteen, two years after his father abdicated, faced a Hungarian invasion. He sent word to his father: "If you are the Sultan, come and lead your armies. If I am the Sultan, I hereby order you to come and lead my armies."

Many doctors and nurses during WWI suffered from septic finger because they probed infected wounds with their bare hands.

Silk was generally sent to Rome as undyed cloth. The Romans would then unpick it, often dye it, and then reweave it into cloths either partly or entirely silk. This was re-exported as far back as India and led to the Chinese belief that Rome had a thriving sericulture.
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