marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

superheroes and jails

Was thinking about jails and prisons in worlds with superpowers.

Not those FOR people with superpowers.  Those for ordinary unpowered crooks.

If powers come out of nowhere, the big difference would mostly be preventing superpowered break-ins. 

But if there are things that can be done to trigger superpowers, there would be vast concerns about preventing their being done near prisons.  Or especially jails, since those are generally near population centers.  (A jail being where people are held awaiting trial, or when the sentence is less than a year.)

 Except that they would not be near population centers.  Especially if the triggering could be done accidentally.  They would also be secret locations to prevent intentional triggering.  (Might not go so well for those doing the triggering, but would still be unpleasant for the rest of us.)  And there would be precautions, probably superpowered to keep them secret and possibly to handle the transport so they can be more distant.

Fortunately, a lot of superpowers in my world take the third path and use their powers for neither crime nor direct crime fighting.
Tags: superpowers, world-building: buildings, world-building: law

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