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Oh, my. This story bursts past in outlines in New and Unusual Ways.

The entire -- long -- episode where she gets taken on a journey and shown a lot of things didn't make it in at all, and it ends with her segueing back into the outline, where she's taking classes and discussing a project with classmates. It was, after all, an educational journey.

Except that some people are going to come to her now, to ask her to tell stories as she did on the journey, and to discuss what happened Both of which will have implications. Fortunately, harmonizing with the theme. Or, at least, looking like they harmonize with the theme at this point in time. Who can tell what it will do in the future?

I'll blame its being a bildungsroman.
Tags: bildungsroman, exposition, outlining, subplots, unity of theme, world-building: schools, writing

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