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spring sweet spring

A gray and dreary day, all the scene brownish from dead leaves, dead plants, and bare dirt, but one bird is singing a clear crystalline note, and behind it a cheerful if less musical flow of twittering.

A slender yellowish brown-gray dove sits on the top of the steps, eying me warily as I walk by. It does not get startled -- until I walk back and up the stairs, having just had something to do before going in.

A garden sprouts dozens of snowdrops and purple crocuses, both a solid and royal shade, and the purple veins through white petals. I wander about seeing many sprouts and pick out some purple petals where I must walk up to be sure they are dwarf irises. I take it as a good sign for mine -- and behold, they are fully out the next day. (I missed seeing the buds.) Daffodils out soon, I think, and within a hour I drive past a stand of creamy yellow ones in full bloom, and then another in true yellow. Returning, I find a delicate violet crocus blooming away where I had missed seeing the bud.

What a blustery day. Dust striking with stinging force. Trees groaning hard enough to inspire walking on the other side of the road. Even, in gusts, enough to push a walker along the way. And, though in the middle of March, still warm with the wind going full blast, like a hurricane.

The warmth will mean the spring flowers will fade sooner, but while they are here, they are in force. A great expanse of deep violet crocuses, with a neighboring small clump of pure yellow, and a single one of antique gold. Spreads of blue where the scillia grows. Cheerful yellow stands of daffodils. Even a flaming if still opening group of precocious tulips.

The spring arrives in force. Trees are veiled in red as they flower, and dwarf daffodils and larger ones blossom everywhere -- even a great stand of pale cream and bright yellow feral ones, flowering in the vacant lot among the dead leaves and the leafless brush. Great stands of crocuses are purple everywhere. Dwarf irises in both blue and violet. Scillia like blue stars. Hyacinths starting to show all sorts of shades of red. And the cherry tree not only has reddish ends to its branches, but is showing pink petals. (Pansies, however, are only blooming if planted from the nursery; the overwintering ones are still waiting.)

In the field where cows graze in the summer, geese walked, and leisurely graze through the grass.

In the pastures, horses are grazing, all of them shaggy from shedding coats. Two look positively live in the sunlight

Cars ahead stop very abruptly. Wild turkeys cross the road -- at a good clip, though, and not until they are up the bank on the other side do they start to saunter instead.

Across the lawn, on their lacy leaves, bloom the small star-like flowers in violet. A springtime blossom I have never been able to track down

The cherry tree, that days ago had the deep pink buds, and a few of the paler petals, on its lower boughs, is now a lacy trellis of pink in deep and bright shades.
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