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Flax was cultivated in Europe by the seventh millennia BC. It produces both linseed oil and linen, but the thing is, if you plant them thickly, they tend to grow longer stalks (to get at sunlight) and fewer flowers, and if you plant them loosely, they produce more flowers and so more seeds. The crops tended to be cultivated separately, though you could get some of the other from a main crop of one.

William IV was named as a Sailor King because he had served in the navy and rose, on his own merits, to the rank of rear admiral.

Fullers in Pompeii dedicated a statue of Eumachia, a local aristocrat, outside the building of Eumachia. It is still debated what, exactly, the building was.

A survey of Japanese mental hospitals in the early 20th century found that many had patients with the listed reason "Goes into the mountains."

Bismarck, leaving his first interview with Queen Victoria, was seen wiping sweat from his brow.

Libanius, a citizen of ancient Antioch, boasted that if you wanted to see the world to see how people lived all over, you didn't have to travel the world, you could just come to Antioch and see them all.

St. Distaff's Day is January 7 -- the day after Epiphany. It marked the day that women resumed spinning after Christmas.

Copernicus used twice as many epicycles in his model as Ptolemy did, because he did not give up the "perfect circle" model.

Christian writers in the Roman empire would argue that Moses was older than the Iliad because age in a religion was a highly valued trait.

In 1860, in preparation for the shogun visiting an ancestral tomb, the local official posted a notice of the visit that ordered all tengu to therefore remove themselves from the vicinity until the visit was over.

Spinning enough wool to make a sail for a Viking ship took over a year's work. One saga recounted how a hero wept over the theft of his sail.

In public Latin religious inscriptions, Jupiter dominates. Second place is Mercury -- then Hercules and Fortuna, over other Olympians.

Samuel Whittemore at the age of 78 was the oldest known combatant in the American Revolution. During the battle of Concord, he shot three British soldiers with his musket and revolvers, and then drew his swords. Having been shot and bayoneted, he was left for dead but found trying to load his musket by the colonial forces. A doctor declare he had no hope for survival, but he recovered and lived another eighteen years.

The Meiji government worked to concentrate shrines, so that each town and administrative village had one, rather than a slew. There were objections to this not only on the grounds of piety, but that the subsequent sale of the old shrines and the conversion of their forests to rice paddies was ecologically damaging, removing habitat for creatures that ate pests.

Queen Victoria favored lower nobility for ladies in waiting and other court positions because they were thought to be more respectable.

Ancient Romans regarded proper religious rites as filial piety as well as plain old piety. One worshipped the gods in the manners of one's forefathers.

During the 18th century, rags were so valued for paper in Russia that their export was severely forbidden.

The first Gotha raid on London during WWI missed Pershing's presence there by hours, leading to speculation that he had been the target.

Jews in ancient Antioch would refer to "foreign" Jews who were newly arrived.
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