marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

hello plot device!

Hello there character I didn't put in the outline. . . .

Are you going to stay a plot device?

For plot significant reasons, the hero's daughter can't stay in his household while he's a widower; only if he remarries.  So she's in the household of his parents.  And I was introducing the heroine and realizing that the same rule applies to her, that he couldn't get her directly to his grandparents' owing to plot-significant separations, and that -- ummm -- I could put his godmother nearby and let him bring her to her.  That would be proper.

She's a plot device to enable another plot device.

Which doesn't mean that she's going to stay a minor plot device.  

(No, she's not his fairy godmother.  I just didn't want to complicate the royal family any further.)
Tags: orchestrating characters, plot devices, writing

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