marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

bright, sparkly parts of ideas

They sparkle, they gleam, they dance around in my imagination, they are often bright with sensuous detail and vivid with action and character, and my Muse loves them, but-- they aren't stories.

Sometimes I know exactly what they are in a story:  an opening, say, where the heroine wins a magical helper, though she doesn't know it.  Sometimes I even have stories where I know absolutely everything but one crucial part.  Usually the exact solution to the problem.  (Though the one that's plaguing me now:  I know how she got the MacGuffin, I know what it does, I know she uses it once by accident, figures it out later, and uses it with forethought a third time, and what it does each time.  But I don't know how to fit the parts together.)

The annoying thing is that the ideas will not die.  Sometimes they might seem to, but they just go to sleep.  If I even glance at the original inspiration, they hop back to life, yelping "Remember me?" 

And do they have more of the story with them?

I think you can guess.


Tags: grumbles, inspiration, macguffin

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