marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

oh you prince

There I was having happily matched up the princes to their tales and plugged along with the story.

Then I thought of having her father's coronation in the story to provide some variation and set up a location.

Hmm, was that too undramatic a scene for mid-story?

So naturally another prince decided to make a nuisance of himself. In story, that's fine, it's a sign of how her life isn't really improved. Out of story -- that means I need another fairy tale!

Annoyance, annoyance -- I did work out that he could have been one of the failed princes in the Twelve Dancing Princesses (the French, not the German, version, since his head was not cut off then).

But still, he's not going to get a name. So there.
Tags: conflict, fairy tales (retelling), middles, orchestrating characters, setting (scene)

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