marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

enter the ogre

Was paging through fairy tale collections for a story about a prince and a princess in nearby castles but NOT actually across the street from each other -- as I like neither the prince, nor the princess, nor the plot in that one -- and then --

An ogre wanders out and observes that he has a castle. Also, he eats cattle and sheep and people, and he has three marvelous horses with suits of armor and swords, suitable for a shepherd hero to use to win a tourney with, and he lives close enough to the king's castle that the king warns his shepherd about him. And he can get this all done in a paragraph. Then he grins.

Tada! Problem solved. even without a prince  Why, the (current day) princess even gets to see the suits of armor for a special treat.

Now I can buckle down to introduce the love interest a mere 80% in to the story. . . .
Tags: fairy tales (retelling), fictional history, setting (scene), story time, world-building: non-human characters

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