marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the muse, the river, and the bee

So here I am, intrepid writer, revising again.

Hit a scene.  Had it dawn on me forcefully that I revised this scene BEFORE the earlier scenes, when I first needed to introduce something, and know it's a painfully clunky bit.

I consider whether to excise.  I consider whether it can be salvaged.  (Which should be, whether it can still serve a purpose.)  I ponder whether it's useful to show the passage of time, and lack of change in one character as she grows up.  I put it aside to see what brilliant inspiration I can get.

Turns out it's, "Hey, she shouldn't fall in the river!  She should get stung by a bee!"   

Which does not alter theme, or increase repetition, or decrease it, or fix the fundamental issue. . . .

I think it can serve a purpose.  And it will probably use the bee sting.
Tags: character arc, inspiration, revision, story structure, story time

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