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Pirate of the Prophecy

Pirate of the Prophecy by Jack Campbell

Empress of the Endless Sea book 1. A prequel series. I don't think there are any spoilers for Pillars of Reality ahead. . . .

But this is when Jules, a young lieutenant in training, is pulling duty in a port that should exists and meets with a Mage. Who prophesies that a daughter of her line will unite Mages, Mechanics, and commons, to overthrow the power of the Guilds.

Her fellow lieutenants think the Emperor will be delighted. She bolts, and succeeds in getting on a ship by warning they will be searched when the hue and cry arise for her. Then she realizes they are pirates.

Piracy! Daring rescues! Discovery of new lands past the control of the Empire! Jules wanting to make a name for herself so that people will believe that a daughter of her line can succeed because she's descended from the famous Jules! Mages trying to kill her, Mechanics trying to use her, and more.

I think it works as a stand-alone, though I did read the original series first.
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