marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the sequel

Finished outlining my sequel to my Sleeping Beauty story -- set the century later, when she wakes up.

It's about the prince who is her cousin's great-grandson, not the one who wakes her up. Though it does affect him.

It was an interesting one to outline. It does use fairy tale tropes to get him through all his struggles with the witch, but I was doing some interesting mashing together. I'm not sure the final tale would fit a type.

So I started writing it. And was instantly unhappy with the opening I had chosen and reworked it a bit. Hmm. I think a character is going to observe that the young hero may find himself involved despite an expression of disgust.

And -- I start to ponder the question of giving it and the earlier books covers similar enough to indicate a series. . . . sigh A valid question, but too early. Not much too early, though. I still have hopes of getting the prequel out the door this year.
Tags: covers, fairy tales (retelling), outlining, sequels

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