marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

villains and conflict

When writing superhero stories about an inner or philosophical conflict -- what is the best use of my powers?  should powers serve the law to preserve order even at the price of accepting more injustices?  -- you have to invent villains and conflict.  Becuase what's a superhero without a villain or two to toss around?

Hmmm -- to make them fit the theme -- but OTOH, the theme allows a lot of variation.  There are many, many, many things that a villain can show are the wrong way to use powers, and that's not even getting into what powers the villain has.  (Perhaps some debate about recruiting him to fighting crime vs. more peaceable law-abiding jobs for the question of useful powers?  Perhaps some clearly villainous vigilantes?  But what if a vigilante hero is really the only way to bring him down?)

Which does just go to show that one idea is not enough for a story.
Tags: conflict, genre: superheroes, orchestrating characters, superpowers, theme

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