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No Plot? No Problem!

No Plot?  No Problem!: A Low-Stress High-Velocity Guide to Writing a Novel in 30 Days by Chris Baty

This is an unusual how-to-write book, being exactly what the subtitle says.  The author was one of the very first people in NaNoWriMo, back when there were twenty-one participating writers. 

Discusses how to find the time, food, locations to write and their advantages and disadvantages, the importance of writing what you want to write even if it's about superpowered kungfu koalas who race about the city on go-carts and wearing fluorescent pink capes, the dangers of a Brilliant Idea, whether preplanning is good or bad, and the usual progression of weeks.

Some of it's generally useful writing advice.  Especially on incentives to write and the importance of writing.  Somewhat simplified -- he enumerates two POVs, first and third, and assumes that third person is multi-POV.  He also says that you have to spread around POV evenly, which is not necessarily true.  Though it may be practical for NaNoWriMo purposes.
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