marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Meaningful At Last

I hate last names.

One charm of epic fantasy and sword-and-sorcery is that the settings lend themselves to no last names -- only personal names and whatever bynames my fancy comes up with.  But a steampunk pseudo-Victorian settings kinda needs last names.

Last names are a lot more likely to be Meaningful, and blatantly so.  Smith.  Green.  Forrest.  Eagleton.  And when they aren't, they tend to carry their ethnic background more strongly.  Smith -- well, "Smith" in some form or another is wide spread, so it carries less baggage.  (At least, I find them less ethnic, which is what amuses my muse.)

And then, of course, unless you're going to refer to them solely by their last names, a stunt I can only pull off for bit characters, you have their first names, too, which doubles your chances at Meaningful Namehood.  Rose Greene is pitching the vegatation theme a bit high. . . .

Tags: genre, grumbles, names

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