marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

kitchen sink inspiration

Sometimes when I'm going along -- writing, outlining -- I just get a wacky idea.

Nothing that has been foreshadowed.  Nothing that, as far as I can tell, will cause or even influence such events as I know lie ahead.

But if it's a cool idea -- especially if I'm a little lost as to what does happen at this point -- it can enliven at this point.  Be bright, flashy, and all that stuff, and often enough, turn out to be an integral part of the story.  (Possibly with some pondering of how it could, but sometimes it's obvious as soon as you get the scene.)

So I throw it in.  And the next one and the next one -- everything including the kitchen sink.  Which means it also adds clutter and complexity and local color to the setting, which can also be nice.
Tags: complexity, inspiration, local color

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