marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The trouble with Socialism

 is that it takes too many evenings -- per Oscar Wilde.

Which is very, very, very true of every kind of politics in fiction.  Power ploys are a lot duller than many other things that characters can do.  And besides, characters ought to have lives and interests and other fun things to do besides power games.  (Partly so that when they win they don't have to go fomenting some other trouble to keep themselves feeling alive.)

There still have to be politics though.  World-building demands it if there's some resemblance to most human societies.  Plus of course there's no one better suited for the role of villain than power-mongers and they will use politics, one way or the other.  (Well, what are they going to do?  If your interest is power, there's nothing else you can do as a hobby.)

So it's a matter of feeding it in as local color and not letting it take over the story.

It can be an interesting thing to juggle.  Point-of-view helps, of course, but then you find the story really needs the villainous POV. . . .
Tags: heroes and villains, local color, motivations, point of view, politics

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