marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

when the muse is on vacation

You can use some generators to replace her!

Check out this site.  Where you can get

Villains: Blaise de Abaddon
Place Names: Agarnus
Magicians: The Commander of Alchemy lives in an underground palace. He is said to be a dwarf, who shuns the light of day.
Cities: This large, prosperous city beside a river is best known as the birthplace of a famous hero. The majority of its inhabitants are involved in tourism, and it is considered noteworthy for its huge marble temple.
Strongholds:  This massive castle, built of adobe and set on the side of a mountain, belongs to a widowed queen. It contains a dragon's lair and appears to be thriving. It is approached by a winding path. Nearby is a well-populated gnomish village in which there is a magician for hire. The holding is rich in platinum.
Quaint Rural Villages: Lower Forestbridge
Titles: Keeper of Glory
Treasures: Your search reveals a crystal figurine depicting a wedding. It seems to absorb the light.
Wars: War of Smith's Coattails
Plots: A proud griffin plays a game with a wise gypsy, resulting in weirdness.
Plot twists: At this juncture a doctor arrives and faints from loss of blood.
Even Mary Sues:Antoinette Feuillette is a mild-mannered grisette with catlike chocolate-brown eyes and rippling caramel hair. She is the protegee of Musichetta, notable for her color-changing eyes and irresistible seductiveness.
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