marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

juggling inspiration

I set the characters afoot in the market, and I have some idea about things that could happen, but none that really work. . . .

So I launch a dragon into the air over the market and send everyone scrabbling away in panic.  Including my main characters, who will just have to learn what they would have learned here, elsewhere.  (hehehehehe.)

Immediately, of course, my muse runs away with it, connecting it with the dragon introduced earlier, explaining more of its motives then as well as now, and then neatly slotting the information that they could have learned at the market, since they weren't the only ones to run away.

A novel needs ideas, lots and lots and lots of ideas.  It can always be fun, trying to remember them all so that they interweave properly and don't get dropped with resounding thuds.  But sometimes the ideas decide to interweave with each other and blindsiding you with the result.
Tags: inspiration, outlining

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