marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

The Moonspinners

The Moonspinners by Mary Stewart

Nicola is on a vacation in the Greek countryside; she will be meeting her cousin at the inn at an obscure little village, but for now she is rambling through the wilds and the flowers, where she meets up with a Greek who acts belligerently, perhaps wisely, since she soon finds he is helping an injured English tourist.  Shortly thereafter, she works out that the tourist had been shot, and they confess that the tourist, Mark, and his younger brother Colin had witnessed a murder.  Mark had been shot, and Colin is gone.  Nicola helps, staying with Mark while the Greek, Lambis, goes down to their boat, but when Lambis returns, they urge her off,down to the village.

Where she finds things quickly hook up with their story.  She's been sent into the thick of it.  Her cousin Frances arrives, and they see what they can do.

The story unfolds, with windmills, wildflowers -- orchids and dittany and hawkweed -- graves, light-fishing, knives picked up at the wrong time, a cook who trained in London and scharos pots.
Tags: adventure, fiction reviews: mundane, fiction reviews: mystery, genre: magic realism

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