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talking transition

Nothing is more interesting that needing to interpolate some communication and concluding that it goes in that conversation.  Except that when you get to it, you don't know where it can go.

It's always fun going into a conversation with a list of Points to Be Covered and having to get the characters smoothly transition from one to the other.  Smoothly from the author's point of view.  There's nothing wrong with having a character droning on about the parties and balls and teas and having another seething until he drops the cup back in the saucer and demands to know what happened to Sophronia.

It's rather annoying when an exchange leads to a perfect climax for the scene, and you want to transition out to underscore it, and you still got more stuff, and you can't figure out where to slither it before then, but after, it could be done at the price of draining drama from the scene.  Sometimes you have to find (or create) another scene.

But revising -- going back to the scene where they segue gracefully and logically from topic to topic -- and trying to pry the conversation open to fit more in. . . one real problem of revision is the magnetic attraction of old words, making the old conversation look like the only natural and inevitable structure.

Tags: dialog, dramatic tension, grumbles, revision, transition

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