marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Paris to the Moon

Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik

Being accounts of and incidents in life in Paris, raising one child and then having a second.

Buying Christmas lights.  Explaining the difference between the sublime and the beautiful to your son and having him propound that dinosaur bones are sublime but another little girl in his kindergarten is beautiful.  The hypnotic effect of Barney, even on little French children who didn't understand a word.  French cooking, and ingredients for it, from the top-class restaurants to home cooking.  A rather unspeakable library.  Searching for an apartment.  A  nineteenth century print showing a train on rather steep tracks aimed at the moon -- someday I'm going to figure out how to write a story with such a train.  Haute couture and the shows.  Bedtime stories.  How, when his wife got pregnant, everyone observed that since it was a girl, they had the king's choice -- and they finally cracked and demanded to know what it meant from a taxi driver.  Soccer.  Mosaics of mermaids. . . .

Well written and interesting.
Tags: non-fiction: essays, non-historical non-fiction reviews, primary source review

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