marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

philosophizing on writing by hand

Drawn some conclusions from writing by hand. . . .

Once upon a time when I was writing either longhand or on a manual typewriter, my stories looked like plans for a football play -- arrows all over the place to indicate what went where.  With asterisks to indicate what in the margins got inserted where. 

On the box, of course, it is the work of a moment to go to insert a sentence, or a paragraph, or a scene or two or three. . . .

Getting back to handwriting -- it still doesn't easily allow you to insert.  Odd, that.

But apparently my muse is getting a little more orderly.  Whole pages sometimes don't have a single asterisk on them.  And there are very few arrows indeed.  Though I do have pages stuck between others as interpolations of scenes. . . and then when I go to type them up, I still find that the scenes are a bit lacking in local color, even though that's the commonest thing to put in via asterisks.

Reveals some things you didn't know.  Whether there are differences in content and style still awaits judgment.
Tags: writing by hand, writing habits, writing technique

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