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Faeries of Color: Tales of the Fae Beyond Europe

I was on this one.  The description was a little confused, because it seemed to operate on the assumption the fairy tales were tales about fairies.

Not much.  Talking animals are much more common even in Western European tales.  And obviously there are no fairies in fairy tales stemming from outside that region, because the other regions have their own beings, which may be more or less equivalent.

Brownie-like beings in Hawaii.  Folkloric creatures, who may or may not appear in fairy tales.

We got onto meaning, and I told the story of the solar myth as warning against thinking you can find a meaning.  (Did you know "Sleeping Beauty" is a solar myth?  So are "The Frog King," "Hansel and Gretel", and -- Napoleon Bonaparte.  This was a widely accepted folkloric theory, once upon a time, until the proof of the last did much to explode it.  Always be wary of meanings of fairy tales!)
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