marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

idle icy observations

I had eaves of ice.

What with the freezing rain, and melting and refreezing snow, and all, when the snow slumped on the roof, it pushed the ice -- and icicles --out about three, four inches past the gutter.  And since it was ice and not snow, it stuck together.  And there it stayed with all the icicles.

The February Thaw has hit. 

Yesterday the icicles were mostly dripping, but a handful had a rivulet of water streaming down without ceasing.  Some had fallen off by the bedtime, but every one of them had vanished by morning.  Most of the other ones about had, too, though there's a few holdouts, particularly on east facing, or north facing, gutters with big icicles.  And the west facing gutter no longer has eaves of ice.

Of course, a couple of places in my neighborhood also have guttersattached at one end, and the rest of it descends to drape elegantly over the entryway and then down to the ground.

The snow on my deck is being not so much melted at the top as gnawed at from the sides.  Inches -- maybe a foot -- have vanished off the sides, with the melting going all the way down to the deck, without the stuff in the middle declining appreciably.

The heaps of snow touched with brown where the plows shoved up the snow are not longer frosty brown, but turning positively muddy.  (Snow Has Melted.)

The stream down at the bottom of the neighborhood has ice in it that's been held underwater -- and the water's a bit murky, giving it an odd hue.  Almost unearthly when I first glanced at it.
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