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You can tell it's been a cold winter when you look at the predicted temperatures and think, ah, February thaw -- and then glance at the historical average and high and realize that actually, it's below average for this time of year.

Amazing how easy it is to habituate to the temperatures of the moment.

Though since then, the February thaw's actually hit -- I figured when going out for the mail that I wouldn't bother with a jacket even though I was in short sleeves because it was just out to the mailbox and back and that wouldn't be too bad -- I wouldn't get too cold.  Well, I didn't.  It was, in fact, perfectly warm.  Eating up the snowbanks, and turning them into mud.  When I went walking I saw one that at a distance looked as if the snow had all melted, leaving a muddy hillside; only when I got close could I see the snow at the bottom, where it had fallen and not been plowed with all the sand laid down on the road, and that the trees and bushes were half-smothered in snow.

And no spring flowers, either.  The only thing that seemed more spring-like than February thaw-like was a skein of geese in the sky, honking faintly with the distance.
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