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mighty oaks

It's amazing what trivial effects can produce great changes in a story.

Weaving through a story that is underweight for a novel, I introduce a breakfast scene where a woman drinks tea.  Hmm.  Tea.  From overseas, no doubt.  Which raises the question of where the port is -- and while the main characters can't leave the city for plotting reasons, there's no reason why the city can't be a port.  It's a capital, but capitals have a tendency to be ports, actually.  Or at least, it's not uncommon, since I haven't actually done a statistical analysis.

And once it's a port, I can easily send my characters wandering down there, especially since there's a magic afoot in the city that can dump them in locations they weren't intending while they are running away from something more unpleasant than being dumped in a random location.

With any luck, the novel grows heavier.
Tags: idea development, plot twist, revision, story length, world-building: food, world-building: geography

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