marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

when and where

Research can be fun, depending on the time and place.

Some places, if you go by the selection on the bookshelves, existed selectively.  Germany, for instance, barely existed before the twentieth century -- and not at all before the modern.  France existed mostly for the French Revolution and the World Wars.  Spain chiefly in the Age of Exploration.  Italy skipped right over the 19th century. 

Some times and places are, of course, less known than others.  Illiterate civilizations can do lots of stuff.  Write down their history is not one of them.  And some places have fewer writings than others, either because too many people were illiterate, or books were a luxury the rich decided to do without.  Still, even in eras and places where there is lots of background, the books can be quite selective.
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