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Japanese propaganda in World War II had a lot of stuff about unity -- one hundred million hearts beating as one.  American propaganda about the Japanese was very fond of repeating this propaganda.

Attila is not a Hunnish name.  It's a Gothic name.  It means "little father."

When Nazi Germany made a peace offer to Great Britain during World War II, by way of a speech of Hitler's, a BBC broadcaster declared it had been rejected.  This quick response unquestionably gave it a great deal of impact, which it would have had -- if he had waited for it to be actually rejected.  Government officials were Not Pleased.

At the end of the nineteenth century, there was a case where two young men had stoned to death an old man on the grounds he had bewitched their cow.  In France.

Tales of filial piety in China include a tale of a virtuous stepmother.  Her son and stepson had been found near a dead body and both confessed to killing the man in an attempt to shield each other.  She was asked what to do and she told them to execute her son, because the stepson had been particularly put in her care, and as the junior, it was her son's place to yield to his older brother.  (The magistrate was impressed enough to pardon both men.)

The bachelor party was started in Victorian times.  It was a way of saying good-bye.  If the bridegroom and his bride did not chose to renew the acquaintance after, you were dropped as not respectable enough for the newly weds.
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