marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

clouds and sun

There were wispy clouds in the sky today -- very wispy, but nevertheless a lot of them. 

I looked out the window late afternoon and thought that looks like a sundog, burning white against the softer whites of the clouds, softly enough to look at.  But I didn't think the angle of the sun was right for that.  So I went to the south window.

Yes, the angle of the sun was right for a sundog.  But that was only part of what I saw.  A halo of light encircled the sun -- very palely.  It was neither pure white nor a rainbow shade; I could make out clearly a reddish ring, and about it a more yellowish one, but there the colors stopped.  And to one side, the sundog gleamed brilliantly, like the stone in a ring, reddish, then yellowish, and even a hint of green before it turned to a white so brilliant it was hard to look upon.
Tags: nature

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