marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

skeins in the sky

The geese flew high enough that while they were not quite dark flecks against the dove gray sky and nothing more -- I could make out the beat of their wings -- they were very little more, individually.  Together, the skein spread far over the sky.

Great numbers of them, their honking faint on the air.  Some, in the smaller skeins, formed rather lop-sided v, but the central skein had jagged legs, with a turn up and then a turn down, and branches, and endless shifting.  Sometimes, when the skein turned, all the geese in a row -- and some of them ended up in the middle of the v and flew and flew and flew until they hit the v again, at which point it reconfigured like a row of ball bearings that had been struck by a handful of ball bearings and all the geese were shifting about to form new v's in midair.
Tags: nature

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