marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Magic of 100

A writing technique I ran across here, and more details here.  And I have fooled around with a bit.

Taking a break can sometimes jar thoughts loose so that you can come with more.  On the other hand, it can cause you to forget what you've already written so you write it again.

Much depends on the question.  I tried, "What does she find in town?" and then "how does she leave town?" and the first went much more briskly.  On the other hand, that I am probably going to use several of the ideas from the first list shows how much vaguer it was.  Perhaps the second didn't go so quickly because I needed to get to the really wacky ideas to actually fill out the list.

On the third hand, one of the first answers I came up with for the second question was -- a fortune-teller's card comes to life as a scene and she walks into it.  To be wacky for this world is a stunt and a half. . . .
Tags: idea development, persistance, web articles, writing technique

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