marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

colors of clouds

I think my sunsets are too flamboyant.

Which is a trick when I knock them off in a sentence or maybe two, when I have need to indicate the passage of time, or announce when a story is beginning, and provide a bit of local color.

Nevertheless, they tend to flame with scarlet and gold on the thick clouds, no matter how many clouds I have left out earlier.  I have seen such sunsets, but the sunsets around here tend more to milder shades of peach and rose, when the clouds are fewer, and to shades like a rainbow, rising up from red through orange, yellow, and even green (though usually just a touch) before shading into the blue or violet of the sky.

The flamboyant fires, I suppose, aren't as bad in a short, even if I use them rather often there.  It's when a story features several such and I use my shorthand instead of varying the scene.

Or perhaps I have too much happening at sunset. 0:)
Tags: description, grumbles, local color, story time

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