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trivia cross time

On Guadalcanal, one Japanese bombardment knocked down an aerial at Henderson Field, but it hit a palm tree.  So they put it back up and tested it.  The people radioing back told them it was much better, had they made improvements?

Denmark, although neutral during World War I, saw its TB death rate spike during World War I -- until later in it, when the blockade prevented them from selling food aboard, producing a decline in food prices and so in TB deaths.

Herodetus recorded a story about Phoenician sailors circumnavigating Africa, even though he didn't believe it.  We believe it.  Because one thing he recorded was that they claimed the sun moved to the north -- if you can believe that.

Hong Kong, unsurprisingly, has very bad feng shui.  But when those British barbarians moved, they immediately began building pools and winding streets and otherwise offsetting the bad feng shui -- the Chinese found it unnerving.

When Joe Louis was inducted into the Army, someone asked what he would do.  He answered, "What they tell me to."

The Chinese have an expression -- "when The Yellow River flows clear" -- which in idiomatic translation means "when pigs fly."

The United States managed, through aggressive testing and destruction of infected animals, to massively cut down on bovine tuberculous while the rates in European countries were still rising. At least one European country scoffed at it as American preoccupation with long life.
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