marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

Spring, the sweet spring, is the year's pleasant king

Ah, the season decided to notice its own name and act accordingly. 

Warmth swept in on Easter.  With an afternoon of rain, to be sure, followed by the nasty muggy weather that feels hotter than when it's actually hot -- but followed by today, warmer but not so muggy and so pleasant even though above average and indeed near the recorded high.  Although I did put off my walk until evening to give it a chance to cool off.  Give me a month and it'll be nice, two months and I will think it pleasantly cool, but now I haven't got the antifreeze out of my blood yet.

And when I went on my walk, I saw that we still have a pile of snow in the neighborhood.  Shrunken from last time, even, to be sure, but talk about a winter that would not die!

Still, all the daffodils and tulips are out.  The hills have veils of green in places (though one hill had the bright spring green next to the drab brown of wintry branches and ugh what a clash).  And the grass is turning from the sprightly green of spring to the more sober shades of summer, but it's not there yet.  And I saw a mourning dove on the ground not a stride away from a squirrel, and their grays were not a shade away from each other -- the dove's neck was brownish but its wings and head were the gray.
Tags: nature

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