marycatelli (marycatelli) wrote,

the flowering spring

Looking out the window on a gray and cloudy day can lead to the reflection that three cherry trees, flowering in pink, can make quite a difference in a scene, with the greenery being the sober drabness that gray days usually make it.

Though on the same day, the rain on the trees left all their bark all but black, and visible because although the leaves are thickening, they still had not hidden the branches and boughs, and were still a bright, sprightly green, or a brilliant red haze, so the effect was of stark chiaroscuro.

A juniper tree and an apple tree had grown so close together on the median that the apple flowers, brilliantly white, were all entangled in the green branches of the juniper like an embrace.

And one magnificent mass of cherry blossom revealed, on careful inspection, to have three trunks shadowed under all the pink.  It was hard to tell the trees apart even when I knew they had to be three.

The cherries are starting to lose their petals now, and when you look at them from a distance, the effect is one of a hazy bluish gray -- bluish, I dare say, between the green of the leaves and the way the pink tends toward the purplish side.  (Not strongly purple, but have you ever seen a pink dogwood in flower next to a cherry tree with pink blossoms?  The dogwood leans toward the orange.  Enough so the clash can be ghastly.)

Mallards are industriously investigating the stream.  Two sat about in the marshy part, where red-winged blackbirds were perching sideways on the cattails, dried but apparently not brittle, from last year.  And two mallards, a he-duck and a she-duck, were swimming up stream, slowly but methodically, tilting their heads to each other now and again, and then the he-duck swam ahead to one side of where the stream babbled over rocks, to lead the way walking over it, before they settled back down to swimming on the open stream.
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